Denver, Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have found yourself on the receiving end of a criminal prosecution, then you know first-hand the confusion, stress, and frustration that so often accompany the criminal justice process. Hardy Law exists for one purpose: to help the people of the Denver metropolitan area navigate the hazards of a criminal case by employing every technique and tool at our disposal to protect your rights, safeguard your interests, and strive to achieve the best result possible for your matter, whether that be a dismissal of charges, a favorable plea disposition, or a triumphant “Not Guilty” verdict at your jury trial.

This Attorney is Lead Counsel Rated. Click here for more Information.At Hardy Law, we believe the single most important step in addressing any legal matter is gaining access to legal and procedural information regarding the issues involved. As the saying goes, “information is power,” but information is also peace of mind; it is comfort. Knowing your rights, the elements of your alleged offense, the potential penalties and consequences, and your options in defending yourself against the onslaught of the Prosecution compose the first step in our firm’s service: a free and confidential legal consultation. Whether you choose to retain our firm, proceed with a different attorney, or even decide to represent yourself pro se, call us at (303) 226-5655 and get informed at no cost to you.  As a premier Denver Colorado criminal defense lawyer, a consult with Hardy Law will give you the information you need to move forward confidently with any legal issue you may be facing.

Afterward, should we have the honor of calling you our client, we will dedicate ourselves to providing you personal, result-oriented, and cost-effective legal representation at every stage of the criminal process. Whether you are facing a minor traffic infraction or a multiple-felony legal battle, Hardy Law stands ready to defend you.